Code 2 - Low Oil Pressure. This code will only blink twice. It shows that the generator is low on oil and you need to add more. Twist off the yellow cap to look at the gauge and see how much more you need to put in. Just remember to not over-fill your oil tank. Too much oil is not a good thing.. "/>

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Blanking EGR Valve - Vauxhall Astra - David Horn. 50% of the code in an ECU is redundant. While the computer does use the information from the valve to refine its thermal model of the engine, if it's closed off it'll fail over to a standard model. Deleting egr, whats the pros and cons and does it affect ur ecu like put it in safety map or.

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RPM Sensor Loss 1501 ALARM This RPM alarm is set when a 2 cylinder unit was already running and stalled or lost the RPM signal from the ignition coils. Possible causes could be a fuel issue, the LP tank is empty, 1 or both ignition coils are damaged, or the unit was overloaded quick enough that the engine stalled and set the alarm. RPM Sensor ....

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RPM Sense Loss, Code 1501/1505/1511/1515 +. If the unit was running and shuts down, attempting to restart, clear the alarm by pressing the ENTER button twice, then press AUTO. Next, remove some of the loads. Try putting it back in AUTO and then restart..

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history of pharmacology ppt Remove the 7.5A fuse from the controller. To turn the generator back ON: Install 7.5A fuse in controller. Confirm the generator MLCB (generator disconnect) is OFF (OPEN). At the controller, set the generator to AUTO mode. Generator will start and run. Allow generator to run and warm up for a few minutes.

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